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Learn about the Tacoma Sister Cities Council and our mission.

The Sister Cities Council of Tacoma advances Tacoma as a global city and promotes peace through mutual respect, understanding, and cooperation through citizen diplomacy – one individual, one community at a time – for the benefit of Tacoma and its sister cities.

To accomplish its mission, The Sister Cities Council of Tacoma develops programs in the areas of cultural arts and tourism, global education, government relations, and international business.


The first Sister City Program, Sister Cities International, was created in 1956 at the request of President Eisenhower, giving national focus to affiliations between cities in the United States and in other countries. The goal of the program is to promote deeper cultural understanding, international visitation and hospitality that leads to long lasting relationships. More recently, Sister City links have become an increasingly important conduit for economic development.

The City of Tacoma has 15 Sister Cities, all of which have aspects similar or complementary to Tacoma’s economic character. Tacoma’s Sister City activities are as diverse as its membership. Some examples of activities include Student Exchanges, Sports Exchanges, Performing Arts Festivals, Arts Exchanges and the International Film Festival.

Each Sister City has a citizen based Sister City Committee. The Sister City Committees are all organized under a 501 c (3) called the Sister City Council of Tacoma.


Meet our board members.

Frances Lorenz

Vice Chair

Bruce Sadler


Mark Langford


Debbie Bingham

City of Tacoma Liaison

Carmetrus Parker

Executive Administrator


Do you know about our Film Festival?

The Tacoma Sister Cities International Film Festival is an annual event that allows  to share cultural aspects of each sister city with its community members.

In partnership with the Blue Mouse Theatre, the film festival brings you films from all the Sister Cities of Tacoma to help you better connect and understand each city/country culture through an interactive experience.

Check our dedicated page

Do you know about our Book Club?

Each month, the Tacoma Sister Cities book club focuses on one of the countries of our fifteen Sister Cities.

This book club aims to promote cultural understanding of international issues by reading contemporary novels and new translations of classics. Plus, we’ll have unique snacks and drinks representing each country!

Check the next book club meeting in our Event Calendar section

Get involved ! There are several way to help Tacoma Sister Cities to follow their mission and achieve their goals. Let’s chat !


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