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Youth Leadership in Climate Action

Sister Cities International is excited to announce that during our second SCI Youth Chat we will discuss “Youth Leadership in Climate Action” in the context of UN Sustainable Development Goal 13: Climate Action! As an avid supporter of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we understand that the world is on the precipice of climate disaster and requires action, now. This is an all-hands-on-deck crisis that requires action from all governments, organizations, and individuals – including youths. We will be discussing how young people can make a meaningful contribution to the environment for the better. As the inheritors of the world, you have the most at stake when it comes to saving the world from the global climate crisis, you must take the lead in this struggle. You will hear the experiences of the expert speaker, be able to ask questions, and get a chance to share your leadership stories with your peers. Ultimately, what we talk about is up to YOU, the participant, and what you decide to bring to the table!
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