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October Book Club takes us to Morocco

Discover : Our Morocco: Moroccans and Expats Share Their Lives, Hopes, Dreams, and Adventures.
Join us on Monday October 3rd as we learn about our Sister El Jadida cultural identity through a book from its country, Morocco. All while snacking on delicious treats inspired by international cuisine! Check our book club page !
This month book:
Our Morocco: Moroccans and Expats Share Their Lives, Hopes, Dreams, and Adventures.
From the terraces of Tangier’s Cafe Hafa to the depths of the Marrakesh medina, Moroccans and long-time expats of Morocco share their stories. In these pages, you will travel all over Morocco. No doubt, you will find some familiar names and revisit some familiar places. Nestle back into the Jinn-haunted digs of Tahir Shah’s Dar Khalifa in Casablanca. Camp out with the semi-nomadic friends of Alice Morrison. Dip a spoon into the traditional Friday afternoon couscous with Myronn Hardy in the quiet folds of the Middle Atlas. Remain as linguistically confused from Fez to Tangier as Zora O’Neall. Peel back the folds of Moroccan history with Richard Hamilton and dive into the mythology of a Sufi saint in a little-visited Souss region with Lucas Peters. Experience that first awkward hammam experience with Amanda Mouttaki and be enchanted by Saeida Rouass’s poetic ode to her very intimate Morocco. And be inspired by Suzanna Clarke in Fez and witness how her community has responded to the global pandemic.Lynn Houmdi and Eirlys Davies write painfully true accounts of their first years in Morocco and all the necessary adjustment – physical, emotional, and mental – that this entailed. Meanwhile, environmentalist Hazim Azghari and former director of the Tangier American Legation, Gerald Loftus, open doors to their own private Moroccos, each a wonderful introspection that speaks to a very individual experience that very few of us will likely have the joy of repeating. Dina Benbrahim takes you on a bouncy typographic tour of Tangier as only she could, while Zakariaa Aitouraies brings us in on his reflection about what being Moroccan means to him. To add to this, the photography of Amina Lahbabi and Suzanna Clarke that grace these pages gives you a glimpse into the Morocco that captures their eye.
Animator of the Book Club: Hunter White. Learn more about Hunter here
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