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Celebrate Peace between USA and Japan, Ring a Bell !

Tacoma Sister Cities is getting ready to celebrate 75 years of peace since the bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima on August 5th and 8th. We are asking our all our Facebook friends and beyond to help with this endeavor. We are going to put together a video of bell ringing from around the Tacoma area and if we can get 75 different bells ringing, that would be special. We ask anyone who is willing to participate to video themselves ringing a bell(s) and to send the short clip to Please send them in as soon as possible so we can put the video together and ready for August 5th. The video will be posted on our Facebook page and our website. Mayor Woodards will also issue a city proclamation for these two days that will be recorded as well. And YOU can also participate in the bell ringing worldwide on August 5th and/or August 8th. All the sister cities around the world are asked to participate and ring their bells simultaneously at 4:15 pm on August 5th and 7:02 pm on August 8th. The bells can be church bells, temple bells, your own handheld bell, whatever! We hope to hear the bells on the two particular days and at the times mentioned. Read an article on the subject in The City Sentinel Learn more about this ceremony in Japan
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